Komit Buzz

Mix Magazine June 2008, Field Test

In Mix’s June 08 issue, tech editor Kevin Becka reviews the Komit…”I usually start any review wearing my skeptic's hat, but Komit quickly won me over. From the first time I put it across a track, my “wow” button was pushed…”


Mix Magazine November 2008, Feature: 3 Studios, 3 Budgets

In Mix’s November 08 issue, tech editor Kevin Becka had a piece on building a tracking/overdub room. To equip it, he says he “…bought a variety of dynamics controllers including four of the versatile Burgin/McDaniel Komits ($750)…”


Ed Goldfarb, Madcap Labs

Ed Goldfarb stays busy, with a client list that includes Sean Paul, Morcheeba, k.d. lang, Francis & Roman Coppola, Sony, Microsoft, Apple and Nissan. His delight with his first Komit got him interested in a pair…“I’ve had a chance to play with my Komit, and so far I just love it — easy–peasy to dial in, both for light smoothing and ultra–squash (as well as pretty much everything in between).” Goldfarb equates the qualities of the Komit to his API 550b EQ. “I’m also finding that it imbues a subtle but distinctive “vintage” character to the signal path, in my case, 1272 pre to 550b to Komit into 96k PT HD - nice. So…I’d like to buy another one!”


Check these videos…an overview & Komits in use. Still not convinced? There’s more

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