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Delivering Quality and Innovation in Analog Audio



Here is what you should know about us…We design and create pro audio solutions for the discerning listener. We are very proud of our products but we know that sonic performance is what really matters.


Our Aim

Our aim is pretty simple: to give you what you want at a fair price. We bring years of experience in award–winning, top level pro audio design to create equipment that equals or surpasses the sound of gear that sells at much higher prices.


We are a small company. When you call our office, you’ll probably speak directly with the owner and get to know the people that stand behind all of our products.


Give a Listen

So, whether you’re looking to improve your high end facility, outfit an ever growing home studio or, just seeking that elusive holy grail of sonic nirvana, we know you’ve come to the right place.


We suggest you give us a listen then, ask yourself…How does it sound?

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