BMD Honchos

Kevin Burgin, Designer

Kevin Burgin was born in Dallas Texas where, while still in diapers, he deeply dug music. By the age of 5, he was a record collector. He bought his first guitar when he was 13 and, since he couldn’t afford effects pedals for his axe, he started on the DIY road leading to today’s designs. To fund his habit, he started repairing and refurb’ing tube radios and, within two years, had a self–released single out. While still in his teens, he had released an EP and opened for punk staples like the Exploited and Circle Jerks. During this time, he continued to feed his tech jones.


In 1999, he joined ARN Consultants and apprenticed to Rupert Neve. 2004 saw the establishment of Rupert Neve Designs (RND), with Burgin as one of three founding members. While at RND, Burgin designed the mic preamp for the AMEK Media 5.1 and worked on the design of their Channel in a Box and DMCL. He designed the guitar pickup preamp and EQ for Taylor Guitars’ Expression System, along with their “K4” preamp. After that work, he designed and managed Legendary Audio’s original Masterpiece.


His work for the RND brand includes designing the entire Portico range, including their TEC award winning 5042 Tape Emulator. Before leaving RND, his last task was designing the 5088 console with Travis McDaniel and Drake Williams. In 2007, he left RND to start Burgin McDaniel Design with Travis. When he’s not building boutique boxes, he enjoys tattoos, choppers and gardening.


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