BMD Honchos

Travis McDaniel, Creator

Travis McDaniel grew up in the Rio Grande valley until law enforcement asked him to be so kind as to relocate. Heeding their advise, he high tailed it to San Marcos Texas, just northwest of Wimberly. In school, he focused on his interest in music, earning a commercial music management degree.


In 2005, he started working at Rupert Neve Designs, where he was trained by Kevin Burgin and Rupert Neve as first a test tech and then as a prototyper and circuit designer. Before leaving RND, his last task was designing the 5088 console with Kevin Burgin. For the 5088, he worked extensively on the transformers and opamps (operational amplifiers) that were ultimately used, focusing solely on the optimization and implementation of Kevin and Rupert’s circuits. The operational amplifiers used in the 5088 are discrete TM4506 and TM4511 designs, the TM designator is McDaniel’s initials.


In late 2007, he joined Burgin to start a new chapter in making good ol’ fashion, stick to the ribs audio gear. When he’s not building tasty equipment, he enjoys spending time with his family and messing’with his El Camino.

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